What we do


Program and project management
Business analysis and process mapping
Strategy consulting


Bespoke course development
Course presentation
Train the trainer


Enterprise architecture
Systems and process analysis
Bespoke software creation

Business Services

Program and project management

We have succesfully completed:
More than 120 projects.
Nine-figure-budget programs.

Analysis and Process mapping

We have successfully re-designed:
Processes for a very large logistics company. Some of the most complex businesses operations.

Strategy consulting

We have successfully recommended:
Cross-border strategy for a global retailer.
Strategic input for smaller businesses.

Business Services: Benefits

Immediate blast off

We help you to achieve when you need to.
Opportunities that your staff cannot get to.

Reach for the stars

No need to curb your ambition just
because you don't have the bandwidth now.

Opportunity enablement

Very experienced and high quality people.
On tap when the opportunity arises.

Change Management

Course development

Our speciality is the '90/10' course:
E.g. PMBOK for non-project managers.
The 10% curated knowledge that matter '90%'.

Course presentation

Our presenter-ratings are tops.
And our attendees perform highly thereafter.
We enable high performance after change.

Train the Trainer

We believe in skills sharing.
Hence we are experienced train-the-trainer agents.
We broadcast positive impacts.

Change Management: Benefits


Most processes changed in a large logistics firm:
Followed by a Big Bang implementation.
Process harmony achieved within two weeks.


Our vision, strategy and process insight,
together with our Change Management skills
enable synergy after implementation.


To enable real growth, businesses need
change at the right moments, and that
change needs to be implemented properly.


Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture in the innovation age
is a skill that few have mastered, due to the
rapid level of change. We have mastered this.

Systems and process analysis

It's more than coming up with a workable solution.
It's about coming up with great solutions:
I.e. solutions that make a real difference.

Software creation

When to implement bespoke software solutions?
How to implement bespoke software solutions?
We have implemented 100s of these already.

Software: Benefits

Look far ahead

Even in an age of rapid technology change:
Longevity of solutions still matter
That sweet spot exists and must be found.

Build it properly

Great ideas implemented badly is failure.
Most software implementations are done badly.
We have not yet had a bad implementation.

Dive deep enough

A deep understanding of the business.
A deep understanding of the solution.
A deep understanding of the implementation.

Domains where we specialise

Retail and wholesale

Foods, clothing, FMCG, etc.
Jewellery, luxury goods, etc.
Large and small organisations.
Extensive work already for all of these.


Personal financial solution software.
Agricultural financial decision-making.
Credit card implementations, etc.
Extensive work already for all of these.

Customer loyalty

Two top loyalty program implementations.
Loyalty renewal and improvement.
Business change during loyalty implementation.
Loyalty program experts.


In-country logistics.
Cross-border logistics.
Forward and reverse logistics.
Done this for some of the biggest names.

Green economies

Huge recycling operations.
Waste-picking and micro-collection
Funding of mixed economies, etc.
Implemented all of these.

Agricultural finance

Financial Risk assessments.
Very complex long-term budgeting.
Long investment cycle businesses
Implemented all of these.

Education and training

Stand-alone educational interventions.
Change-program interventions.
NGO-based interventions.

Art and music

Music selection for time/location/event/etc.
Matching music with audience expectations.
Surprise and delight with music and art.


What is new?
How can we use that?
How can we avoid costly mistakes?

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